To uplift the Black culture and encourage health and fitness in our community. We also celebrate love and the Black family. We believe that the most important foundational issue in our culture is family and economic unity. These two components will also increase wellness, which will give us longevity and generational wealth. Alone, this is a daunting task, but together we can improve our future.


Inspired by our brand, @blackfitlove, we wanted to be more progressive in uniting our Black communities and families in love and communication. This is our answer to Black Lives Matter. We should have done this like yesterday.


At the end of each month, we are hosting a 5K run with an outdoor market for families and businesses to participate in fellowship and exercise. In order to objectively define the progress of our goal, we will measure attendance, miles, black dollars exchanged, and memberships at each event.


We invite everyone we can to come together and run our 5K race in Little Five Points, Atlanta. After the race, we enjoy spending our money on Black businesses and exchanging energy and time with our families.

Each month, one vendor, who is a member, is selected to receive $1,000 from The Swag Race donors and any additional funds from matching benefactors.

According to our goals and stats on the home page, we shall see how close we can get to our goals.

Continuous effort can be insured as we make a commitment to create each month like our lives depended on it.

Cultural Expression 


In reverence of our Greenwood, Tulsa
"Black Wall Street" of 1921

10,000 Total Attendees

Representing the 10,000 people left homeless during the Tulsa, OK massacre.

$500+ Circulated Black Dollars 

Dr. Simon Berry, who owned the bus system in Tulsa, recalls that his average income was about $500 per day.

1000+ Members

Representing the 1,256 residences that were destroyed on June 1, 1921.

202 Miles Symbolic Run

Represents the approximate square mileage of Tulsa, OK.

600+ Black Businesses Funded

Representing the 600 successful businesses that were lost. 

greenwood district black wall street.jpg